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Project Description
Fluent JDF contains everything you need to quickly add JDF capabilities to any .NET client application. It includes powerful tools that allow you to easily author, parse and send JDF and JMF.  If you are familiar with JDF terminology, Fluent JDF has everything you need to build a JDF agent.  Additionally, It includes support for sending JMF, processing JMF responses and interpreting JDF that would be useful in JDF devices and controllers.  

Our team is also working on a complete JDF controller/device framework called the JDF workflow foundation that we plan to release in the near future under a more commercial licensing model.  It will be free to use in development and free to deploy for small, in-house, single-server environments.  It utilizes Fluent JDF internally and adds complete plumbing for building scalable, reliable JDF controllers and devices.  All you have to do is provide your application logic.  We plan to have a preview release of JMF available soon.  We will announce it here when it becomes available.

Get commercial support and training for Fluent JDF.


  • You can download the binaries from the latest build from our TeamCity build server.  Just logon as guest.
  • Official Release Notes available.  This will include information about the latest evolving release, which you can build from source code or get from the build server.

Getting Started
Get the latest stable release binaries or get the package from NuGet.  If you want bleeding-edge binaries, you can download them from our TeamCity build server.  Just logon as guest. 

Also take a look at our getting started series of blog posts over at the JDF Blog:

If you would like to contribute, fork the code, make your changes and send us a pull request as outlined here.  If you have a question about what needs to be done, start a discussion.  We'll be publishing the project backlog soon.

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