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Message.Transmit(Jmf url) Response Error

Mar 29, 2013 at 2:54 PM
Message.Transmit( jmf url) and submisssion is on hold queue
got success result but in our print control hold queue screen we are not getting the file
and in the Tranmisiion part collection and ticket and ticketpart is null and in message and message part we are getting data and also hasticket is false and hasmessage is true

var message1 = Message.Create().AddCommand().OpenQueue().AddCommand().SubmitQueueEntry().With().Ticket(ticket).Message;

I have little bit confusion in the above code submitqueryentry().with().ticket() it only give on cid in the submit query param url is this correct?

If anyone tested the workflow plz give some idea, i am struck now

With Regards