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Requires .NET 4.0 Framework Full Profile
Fluent JDF requires .NET features that are not available under the .NET 4.0 client profile.  If you are adding Fluent JDF to a Windows console, forms or WPF application, you must set the target framework of your application to ".NET Framework 4" instead of the default value ".NET Framework 4 Client Profile".

Getting Started
Get the latest stable release binaries or get the package from NuGet.  If you want bleeding-edge binaries, you can download them from our TeamCity build server.  Just logon as guest. 

Also take a look at our getting started series of blog posts over at the JDF Blog:

If you would like to contribute, fork the code, make your changes and send us a pull request as outlined here.  If you have a question about what needs to be done, start a discussion.  We'll be publishing the project backlog soon. 

We're working on a series of introductory articles and screen casts.  Until then we have API docs and some blog posts. 

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Janidbest Dec 6, 2012 at 4:24 AM 
API Documentation URL is leading to page Not Found 404 Error, And in NuGet manager "Install-Package FluentJDF " is running with warning.
+ CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Install-Package], WebException